Sextips - a liberator sexpillow under her bum
Push your partner a Liberator pillow under the bum, before starting making love in the missionary position. That brings your partner in a situation in which she feels every stroke more intense, and very quickly comes to an orgasm.

Why does it work?
Having Sex is all about angles. If your penis catches the correct slope, it touches the clitoris and exerts a strong pressure on the G-spot. Since the G-spot is located on the front, so the ventral side of the vagina is provided better by a backwards basin with greater probability for such intimat contact. The same tilt of the pelvis also brings the clitoris somewhat upwards, making it better positioned for contact with the penis.

How do I use this Sextip now?
If you are in the missionary position, slide a Liberator sexpillow under your partner, just below the pelvis, where her ass starts (you start with a Liberator wedge sexpillow). If you have pushed the sexpillow and have locatied is conveniently, you encounter the lovegame as you usually do . Do not be surprised if your efforts have more impact than you are now able to imagine. Have fun and practice.
Regards, Jeroen

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