Sex education - Anal sex
The anal zone is for persons of both sexes a sexual erogenous zone, with many nerve endings equipped. In addition, anal sex for men leads through sexually sensitive prostate, which can trigger an orgasm. Woman can also enjoy analsex by stimulating the anus and vaginal tissues. The active sex partner may enjoy anal sex more than vaginal sex because of the closer and potentially more muscular body opening of the anus which gives greater stimulation. Before you have anal sex with someone, it is advisable you explore you're own anus. If you're on your own and practise first you can get used to relax. Then is is easier to enjoy analsex with a partner.

Why do men like anal?
Many men, about 30%, practiced anal intercourse. If you also want to try anal sex once, your lover's dominance fantasies free rein. From a physical point of view, anal sex for the man is a moment of pure pleasure. The anal sphincter is narrower than the vagina. The penis will be more compressed during anal sex and your partner feels a strong sense of pleasure.

What women think about anal sex
It is difficult to say how many women practice anal sex. So far there is no reliable study on this topic. Some women reject the practice of anal sex: from fear of pain, because the position is an humiliating experience, or simply for reasons of hygiene. If the partner gently acts on anal action these inhibitions can be overcome.

Precautions during anal sex
The anus is a sensitive area and can be for women a previously unknown source of pleasure. To reach the peak of exstasy from anal sex the anus needs to be moistened. Because unlike the vagina th anus produces no natural moisture. Do not use a fat lubricant such as Vaseline! Prefer lubricant instead on water or silicone base. The penetration on anal sex must be made very cautiously. An anal penetration with a finger ( "fisting") helps to relax the sphincter of the partner before the penis penetrates into you. This will also facilitate sliding during anal sex.

Positions for anal sex
There are different positions for anal sex. As with all practices variation will also help for the necessary spice in bed. Nevertheless, the doggystyle clearly is the preferred sexposition of most couples in anal sex. With this position is simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris possible to increase lust. This combination will surprise you! For more comfort you can lay flat on the belly. If you want to start rather tenderly, the spoon position (side) for tingling feelings.

No brutal penetration, because this could cause anal cracks or bleedings and ofcourse pain. And absolutely use a condom!

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