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Latex womansmask - Metallicblue
High quality latex mask from the Latexa colection without azo-dyes. Material thickness 0.4 mm. Available in metallicbleu with zipper. One Size!
The delivery of latex masks of Latexa may take up to 3 weeks.

The multitude of variations, colors and sizes of the entire range of Latexa products means unfortunately not always the product you want is in stock, especially because Latexa also does not hold large stocks. This is mainly due to the high quality standards they hold and to avoid a customer gets a product that been kept to long on stock. It can be damaged or suffer from porosity when not treated with silicone oil.

Latexa produces each product usually once a month in a given number and when these latex products are sold it can unfortunately take a while before they return to our stock.

Latex masks gives you the longest pleasure if they are well treated.
1. After wearing wash your latex mask in hand warm water with a little soap.
2. After drying well rub it with silicone oil, greasing a few drops on a soft cloth or sponge will do.
3. Do not expose your latex mask too long to UV radiation. Latex stays good the longest when you keep in a dark cool place.

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