Bondage furniture BDSM furniture Premium

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Bondage furniture BDSM furniture Premium
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X-SM BDSM Furniture Premium

The X-sm bdsm furniture premium is a
truly complete equipment for your BDSM play room!
Another great product from eroticshop Liberatorshop.
Your number one eroticshop for sexfurniture, sextoys, lubricants and latex lingerie.
This x-sm bdsm furniture is manufactured with genuine leather.

The premium set of X-SM series consists of:
- Base plate
- 2 pcs high carrier pipes
- Bar with winch
- Bank
- Short carrier pipes
- Paper Cross
- Semi-open
- Parrot swing
- 3 sets Querrohre including tube adapters
- Saddle
- Spanish rider for Reizstrom equipment
- Topbalken
- V-Seat

Base plate
Size 131 x 124 x 13 cm, weight 30 kg.
Pentagramm base plate has a 131 x 124 x 13 cm with celtic star. By the 5 lockable wheels, the whole system easy to
move. On the top are 5 very sturdy hooks affixed easily be extended. The different carrier pipes in the middle and outer position easily be fixed. On these tubes, the different modules and fix release. Only the base plate already offers a variety of different fixationpossibilities.

2 pcs high carrier pipes
Stainless steel tubes with polished surface with a standard length of 240cm
If other pipe lengths are required, they must always be 14 cm shorter than the ceiling height, since otherwise the Toprohr (top link) is no longer affixed lässt.Sollten other pipe lengths are required, they must always be 14cm shorter than the height, otherwise the parts can not be established.
Please select the carrier pipe as high as possible and note that the tubes about 8cm in the base plate and also stuck to the ropes through eyelets and a carbine Nutzverlust approximately 10cm occurs. These are 18cm together.

Winch bar
From massive black lacquered beech wood. Size 130 x 12 x 16 cm
The bar is easy tp fix on the the carrier pipe.
At the 4 inside the steel rollers for precise positioning. The ropes can be found on the two outer sides but also as a central part of the base plate. The winch is installed on the carrier pipe is easy to fix and is equipped with 2 ropes.
Maximum load 120kg

All other modules are easily read by Stern handle without the use of tool-install or remove. Only at the Bank Top and you need the enclosed wrench to mount or remove the modules.

Detailed description of the individual modules can be found in the corresponding item in X-SM modules accessories.

This product is custom made for the customer and is therefore excluded from the exchange!


Be an artist when it comes to BDSM and use Eroticshop Liberatorshop products.
Delivery time can take up to 4 weeks.

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