Liberator Black Label Bondage


Liberator Black Label furniture and cushions for soft bondage sex. A series of luxury bondage sex-furniture and sex-cushions which
unite sex and style. Here you will find the unique Liberator furniture and pillow collection specially designed for soft bondage
adventures. Handcuffs and blindfold for fixation and prepared for evenings with bondage sex! Let yourself tie with handcuffs or silk
ribbons on a Liberator furniture or cushion and start exploring. Luxury furniture are good for any home, studio and bedroom.
Liberator furniture is functional, strong and has style.

- Discreet packaging
- From stock
- Top Quality
- Worldwide Shipping

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Sex cushion Liberator Black Label Wedge is a small miracle! Tied to the soft bondage handcuffs you and your partner enjoy the game of love making. 

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Liberator Black Label Ramp bondage-sex pillow is a sensation for having bondage-sex with your partner. Let yourself go in the bondage-game. 

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Bondage sex mattress Liberator Black Label Stage for naughty lovers among us. This mattress is for lovers of bondage and sex. The micro fiber mattress in black fascinates by the possibilities for bondage, sex and intimacy. Liberator Black Label Stage is suitable for practicing Kamasutra.

219.50 *


Liberator Bondage Chair Black Label Esse is the temptation for soft bondage sex. This chair is the number 1 for soft bondage sex and perfecting sex positions. 


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With Liberator Escape Wet you can realize every fetish fantasy.

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Liberator Black Label Hipster increases the kink factor in your relation. Explore your fantasies with the help of bondage sex pillow Hipster and tie your partner to the various connectors. 

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The Liberator Esse Chaise is a functional work of art, and the Black Label version doubles the excitement.

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