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Sex-education is certainly important when it comes to something as important as the human body, sex and eroticism. Everything you want or need to know about sex you can find here in the sex-dictionary. We have named it this way to make sure you know what we are talking about. We gathered the sexual information for the sex-dictionary with care. Wherever possible we added illustrations or movies. Note - we are not in anyway doctors. If you read anything in the dictionary which may reflect on yourself or worries you call or visit a doctor!

Have fun in reading and learning.

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A Tergo Doggy style sexposition (also known as coitus a tergo, the Latin term for "meeting from behind") is a term covering several variants to practice sexual intercourse. In A Tergo the active partner stands or sits behind the passive partner. The passive partner can be very active though in this sexposition it is not very common. Eye contact is possible but can be only made with strong rotation of the neck of the passive partner. 

Aids is the abbreviation of the English. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Pathogen is the HIV virus, which destroys the immune system. The detection of HIV infection is made through a blood test.

Frankly, the aids test is actually an AIDS-HIV antibody test. This because what the research proves is if antibodies have formed in the blood against the virus, which causes AIDS. These are a pretty sure sign that the person involved is infected with HIV.

An abortion performed to terminate a pregnancy. For this you can visit an abortion clinic. In the first few weeks of a pregnancy an abortion is performed through a suction curettage.

In this sex-practice the anus and the area around the anus is stimulated with the tongue. In the gay community this is also understand by ass-licking or rimming. 

A strange word, in which researchers apparently not quite agree on what it will mean for now. Some use it for people to find men and women sexually attractive and have sex with both sexes.

A medical term for the absence of menstruation. It is not a disease but is used to indicate that there is no sign of pregnancy. This is not unusual for young women who (in adolescence) are pregnant, in transition or breastfeeding their child.

An amnioscopie is a operation where the baby wille be looked to the female membranes. Amnion is the latin word for membranes and scopy means looking. The research takes place with the help of a hollow tube which contains a light.

Amor is also known as Cupid in Roman mythology and is the help of Venus, the goddess of love. Amor is often depicted as a (nearly) naked or boy with angel wings and a bow and arrow.

Anal sex is sex with one finger, multiple fingers, penis or sextoys to stimulate the anus. It is to be recommended to use a lubricant such as a gel or cream. By anal-sex people often think of sex among homosexual men.

An Androgyne person is defined as one who has the secondary sexual characteristics of the opposite sex. For men, the beard is not very strong and the voice is somewhat higher and in some cases even breasts are present.

If a man has an orgasm without ejaculation, we call this an anejaculation. If ejaculation is not entirely absent, but the semen is emptied into the bladder, we call this a retrograde ejaculation. In our society orgasm and ejaculation is seen as entity.

Anilingus is the is the latin word for ass licking or rimming. Some people prefer even to use the word rimjob. In rimming you kiss or lick the anus with your tongue during sex. Ass licking sex is both oral and anal sex because the mouth and anus are involved.

If you can not get an orgasm this is called anorgasmia. This affects both boys and girls and men and women. Moreover it is more common in girls and women. It does not mean that you do not feel anythig during sex. It is the climax what isn't reached.

An autoerotist experiences sex and erotism individual. The individual becomes excited over himself or herself and likes their own body very much. The body is caressed and an orgasm is only reached for their own enjoyment.

BDSM or Bondage sm stands for Bondage Discipline Sado Masochism. It is about a (sexual) interaction between (usually) two people. One of the two is the master and the other represents the slave and is submissive.

In Bartholinitis the glands of Bartholin are inflamed. The Bartholin glands are located in the labia minora. A place which is very sensitive and has a high blood flow. The function of these glands is to moisture the skin of the vagina.

The uterus is an organ of about 7 to 10 cm long. Approximate the uterus (womb) has the size and shape of a pear. The uterine wall consists of muscles and is lined with mucous membrane.

If the glans is inflamed and red or somewhat flaky you can suffer from Balanitis. If your foreskin is inflamed, you also suffer from balanoposthis.

During puberty starts the growth of hair for boys often at more places. In puberty hair starts to grow on the balls and sometimes penis. Besides this axillary hair starts to grow and on the chest and face.

The basal temperature is the body of a woman completely calm, measured immediately after you wake up. When a woman is fertile changing the temperature rhythm.

Most people associate the word satisfaction with physical gratification through sex or an orgasm. Different people have different needs, even during sex. This is why not everybody is satisfied with the same things.

Fertilization takes place only when the egg has admitted a sperm. The penetration of a sperm into an egg can happen spontaneously through sex or through artificial insemination.

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