Love pillow Zeppelin - foreplay, romance and Sex

Love-pillow Zeppelin ™ is a new type of love-pillow for foreplay, romance and sex. If you want to change the bedroom for love making you have to think beyond candles and satin sheets! This Love-pillow bed is a huge cocoon prepared for long erotic adventures. Give it as a romantic gift. Take an erotic journey into the bedroom adventures that can be inhibited only by your imagination. With love-pillow Zeppelin you really enjoy your foreplay. You will find that you individually or with partner(s) become one with this pillow. Use the pillow not only for foreplay, romance and sex but also as a bed. Lovepillow Zeppelin is perfectly suitable for sleeping.

Couples, lovers and swingers come on board now!

- Zeppelin is shipped as a manageable volume
- Microfiber cover is easily detachable and washable
- Diameter of about 213 cm and 90 cm high
- Available in various colors
- In stock
- Worldwide Shipping




Romantic gift for him and her…

Love pillow Liberator Zeppelin for romance and sex