Zeppelin Rest Pillow - Relaxtherapy, orthopedic use & Sex

Pillow Zeppelin Rest ™ is a perfect accessory for relax-exercises and relax-therapy. The pillow "memory" foam molds to your body while you get the necessary support for such relax-therapy or orthopedic use. It is relaxing. Use the pillow to support the neck or lower back during relax-therapy, relax-exercises or relaxation. Cushion is also used for sex and back pain. Of course you can also use the Zeppelin Rest as main pillow. It is a eyecatcher in your livingroom or bedroom. Nice for a gift to give or receive.

- Microfiber cover is easily detachable and washable
- Approximately 76 cm long and 36 cm wide
- Available in various colors
- In stock
- Worldwide Shipping


Use it for sex and back pain...
Pillow Zeppelin Rest - Use to relax, relaxtherapy and sex and back pain