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Anal sextoys are designed for both pleasure and anal sex prostate stimulation for men and women. In our online category you will find a wide variety of anal sex toys. Through our sexshop we offer a wide range with distinction large, small, cheap and exclusive anal toys for anal stimulation or prostate stimulation. For internal prostate stimulation we have a broad range of anal toys available in our online sexshop.

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With the Cactus black buttplug you can really enjoy anal sex. This 20 cm long plug can also be used for prostate stimulation. The five pungent bulbs will stimulate your anal muscle and internal part. Bring it in and let the Cactus Buttplug do its job.

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Anal special

Anal special

In this category you will find special anal sextoys for anal sex. Not everyday tools and sextoys for anal sex and stimulation of the prostate. In different colors and sizes for prostate and anal sex fun. Anal sextoys made of rubber, steel, latex and silicone.

Prostate stimulation

Prostate stimulation

Prostate stimulation and sex toys for p-spot stimulation gain more publicity. Use a prostate massager with lube.

Butt plug

Use the butt plug for sex or to satisfy you youre Fetishism. Buy youre solid or hollow butt plug online in steel, plastic or silicone.