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In the category sex-toys for men you will find ordinary but also very special sex-toys. They have been carefully selected by Liberatorshop colleages. Sextoys for men offers various toys for men like the ball stretcher and anal plug. You will also find the penis plug and the masturbator because without them the collection wouldn't be complete. Surf around in style and discover Liberatorshop selected the best and most luxurious sex-toys for men which are currently available.

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Vërspanken Wavy, the masturbator that will take you to a higher plane. Soft, yet hard, hot but also cold! Experience it for yourself ....



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Vërspanken Masturbator, the new standard for men who know what they want. The ultimate feeling is now within reach.

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The penis ring is 10 mm width and is adorned with a silicone ring. With this item, you're erection will hold for a longer period. Now you and your partner can both have sex for a longer period and have an orgasm at the same time.

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This tight-fitting black latex penis sleeve keeps the penis long in top form. The ballsplitter provides comfort like a hand kneading the balls as additional stimuli.

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Purple, stretchy penis spiral, which anatomically adapts perfectly to your penis. Supports the erection and stimulates the erotic zone of your partner partner.

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Sometimes you just need to rock hard. For yourself and especially your partner. In addition a needful handy comes in fine. This soft touch penis enhancers are a welcome help. Three cock-rings made of a flexible high quality silicone. Despite the soft nature they supply a hard penis. You do not need batteries. These three cock-rings make the penis hard.

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Masturbating by yourself belongs to the past!
Feels extremly real, just close your eyes and think you are with the woman of your dreams.

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AutoBlow 2 Sleeve

Want extra sleeves for your AutoBlow 2? You've come to the right place.

Do you want size A, B or C?



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Our Penisplug collection has various sizes and materials. Discover a new sensation with a hollow, sillicon, plastic or steel penisplug.

Masturbator vagina

A masturbator vagina that creates a real sex experience! For men who want to enjoy solo sex. We have a wide selection of masturbator vaginas. Artificial vagina is made ​​from materials that provide a natural feeling and are safe. You can enjoy hours of sex and masturbation with an artificial vagina from Liberatorshop. A flexible tight pussy brings you into ecstasy. We offer you a diverse range of artificial vagina's to masturbate good.