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Expand your playground with Liberator soft-bondage sex-toys. Let yourself tie, blindfold, or bonded with our luxurious silk binding sashes. Liberator has a system with which you can let yourself tie up to every mattress with hand-cuffs and leg-cuffs. We searched for soft sensual fabrics like silk to sexually arouse your bondage senses. Everything for sexual excitement in the bedroom at home, outdoors or on vacation. Enjoy sex and each other! With Liberator soft bondage products you take things a step further. The bondage series is designed for sexual experience, pleasure, relaxation and intimacy. Who is the master or mistress and who the slave? Who can be the first to tempt blindfolds?

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The Talea Spreader Bar: Give in to your desires and let go of control—but not your comfort.

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The Talea Spreader Bar, with faux leather cuff kit is not for pussy's. Are you brave enough ?

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The Talea Spreader Bar, for amateurs and pro's a true experience. This you have never gone before.

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Soft Bondage Set Bed Buckler

Soft Bondage Set Bed Buckler

Liberatorshop as fantastic role play products like the bed buckler, cuff sets, thigh cuffs, blindfolds and silk binding sashes. Join the number one lovestyle brand liberator and find sexfurniture, latex clothing, shapes and sex toys.

Liberator silk binding sash

Liberator silk binding sashes are slippery and cool and a striking choice for simple bindings. Like wrists together, ankles bound or wrist-to-thigh. However, in more ornate configurations, like full-body harnesses and decorative arm bindings, silk sashes become a vivid web adorning the torso with intricate patterns and loops, like a delicate lace. A fine choice for you or your partner to be tied up to the bed. Soft bondage games become a party with silk binding sashes.
Liberator starter cuff kit

Liberator starter cuff kit

No matter what you seek, the Liberator starter cuff kit gives you permission to explore your bondage options. A blindfold for intensity, wrist cuffs for restraint and tender tie-downs to loop around railings, bedposts and furniture. Wrist cuffs and blindfold comes lined in incredibly soft black faux fur for comfort and additionally sex sensations. Give some room to the bondage game. These accoutrements work with Liberator Shapes and Fascinator Black Label products.

Pro cuff kit

Pro cuff kit from Liberator has everything you need for a free bondage game. A plush blindfold with a satin lining. Handcuffs and ankle cuffs with velcro closures. And cuffs to bind the thighs. The bondage products have connectors, designed for use with the Liberator pillows and furniture. You can also tie your partner with the pro cuff kit easily to youre bed arrow, oven rod, toilet, shower rail or door handle! The flexible ladies and gentlemen among us tie hands with legs together securely. Make up a position, anything goes, and have sex.

Zomi Silk Bondage Set

Zomi silk bondage set for exploring new sensations. A blindfold for intensity, wrist cuffs for a captive audience and a toy bag for toys.

Liberator Sling Shot

Give missionary sex and oral sex a new life. Experience a more intense penetration and G-spot stimulation with Liberator Slingshot. Plush lined handcuffs and leg straps to help you spread your partners legs for full penetration. Slingshot helps improving your love style night after night. Use Slingshot as a bondage base for other toys like a feather, dildo or strap-on. Slingshot allows easier exploration of the G-spot or prostate. Bondage Slingshot is ideal to hold men in place during oral sex.

G-spot cufflinks

Bondage makes your love life more exciting. Seeing cuffs around the ankles of your partner opens a fantasy world and gives a new perspective on the missionary position. G-Spot cuffs  around ankles give you control over positioning of the legs. Deeper and harder penetration is possible in the most traditional positions. Enjoy unprecedented access to the G-Spot for more explosive orgasms.

Erotic bondage tape

Add a new dimension to role play with Liberator erotic bondage tape. The broad shiny pvc tape only sticks to itself. It depends on your imagination how far you like to go in making soft erotic bondage knots. Tie your partner down with the tape and enjoy each other. Each roll is 22 meters long and tape is available in different colors to seduce your partner. Increase your intimacy and excitement with Liberator.