Pro cuff kit

Liberator Pro cuff kit
Pro cuff kit from Liberator has everything you need for a free bondage game. A plush blindfold with a satin lining. Handcuffs and ankle cuffs with velcro closures. And cuffs to bind the thighs. The bondage products have connectors, designed for use with the Liberator pillows and furniture. You can also tie your partner with the pro cuff kit easily to youre bed arrow, oven rod, toilet, shower rail or door handle! The flexible ladies and gentlemen among us tie hands with legs together securely. Make up a position, anything goes, and have sex.

- 1 set of handcuffs
- 1 set of ankle cuffs
- 1 set of thigh cuffs
- 1 Plush Blindfold
- Connectors and tie down straps
- Supplied in gift box
- Velcro closure for optimum fitting comfort
- Various colors
- Discreet shipping Worldwide