Liberator silk binding sash

Liberator silk binding sashes are slippery and cool and a striking choice for simple bindings. Like wrists together, ankles bound or wrist-to-thigh. However, in more ornate configurations, like full-body harnesses and decorative arm bindings, silk sashes become a vivid web adorning the torso with intricate patterns and loops, like a delicate lace. A fine choice for you or your partner to be tied up to the bed. Soft bondage games become a party with silk binding sashes.

CARE: Silk is the most luxuriant of natural fibers, skimming the skin's surface like a lover's fingertips. This strong fiber is weakened by exposure to sunlight, sweat and heat. For care, dry clean or hand wash in cold water and towel dry. Iron on low heat while damp, if needed. Store in the black clutch.
- Sold in pairs of 2.1 meters and 4.20 meter long sashes
- Deluxe Set includes three seven-foot and two 14-foot sashes
All sets arrive in a luxurious black microfiber clutch with satin ribbon closure
- Gift box and tissue included
- Worldwide shipment

Make way for your fantasy…

Liberator silk binding sashes - tie your partner to the bed

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Liberator silk binding sash is there to be bound for love. Let yourself be tied up and let yourself go. Beautiful, sensual and exciting, silk binding sash is a good choice for your partner to bind. Enhance your sex life by practicing erotic rope bondage. If you can tie youre shoe laces you can create an erotic masterpiece. Practice bondage knots from simple hands-behind-back to immobilizing hogties and spreadeagles. You can individually tie hands and feet or tie the entire body.

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With our silk binding sashes you will be tied up for love. Who really has the sashes and control in hands? Cunning, cool and exciting, bondage silk binding sashes are a solid choice for your partner to tie you up. Escaping is no longer possible? You can tie individually or all at wrists and ankles while you use the whole body for bondage. In more ornate formations like a full body bondage harness the silk binding sashes form a web that covers the entire body in a beautiful lace patterns. With our bondage sashes you let yourself tie down easily.
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Strapped for bondage love with Liberator silk binding sash. Who is in bondage in charge? Luxury silk binding sash set are an excellent choice for your partner to bind. Escaping from bondage is not possible. With Crimson silk binding sash you can bind your wrists and ankles individually or all down.
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