Sex machines are here for ultimate pleasure. Fuckmachines are suitable for men and women. And even better, for anal and vaginal sex. Here you will find different sex-machines for maximum enjoyment! The fuckmachines are anatomically shaped and have multiple functions. They are comfortable and can be used in different sexpositions. Buy your machine for solo pleasure. Youre hands are not needed. You will enjoy our discount fuckmachines.

- Various models and sizes
- Vibrators can be used separately
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The Saddle - DeLuxe Sex Machine! Giddy up! Introducing the LoveBotz Saddle, a high-powered piece of vibrating machinery that will take you on the ride of your life!

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This remote controlled sex machine is designed for exciting sex! With this sex machine you need no partner. Because it is remote controlled you can enjoy delicious anal or vaginal sex. You decide what orgasmic penetration you like. The powerful engine of this sturdy plastic sex machine provides slow motion strokes to powerful deep penetration thrusts. Easy to operate with five adjustable vibration speeds and pulsation massage programs.

Regular price 391.47 €
304.03 *

This product is no longer available!

The Pussy Bouncing Stick is an easy to use sex machine. This device offers endless possibilities for penetration standing, lying or leaning with or without a partner! The Bouncing Stick is fully customizable from its handle up to the dildo holder and suitable for users regardless of height. Pussy Bouncing Stick works with any standard vac-u-lock dildos. Simply choose from the wide selection vac-u-locks your favorite dildo. The Pussy Stick has a spring so you can determine your moves, speed and power of the thrusts.

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Make sure you're ready for the sexmachine fuck hard. The ultimate inflatable couch with great sexmachine for anal or vaginal sex. Designed for doggystyle sex and missionary position with solid engine!

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Handsfree sex with the fucking-machine. With different rhythms and 7 cm long powerful thrusts it will be an unforgettable ride. Suitable for anal and vaginal use.

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Rider Love Sex Machine. Sit back and enjoy the action! Hard, soft, YOU are in control. But one thing is certain: You will reach an all time high with this device!
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