Liberator Center Stage


Create your own star attraction. 

Beds are for sleeping — the Liberator Center Stage is for everything else. Designed for versatility, the Liberator Center Stage offers a solid yet lusciously soft platform for erotic massage as well as lift and access for sexual positioning. Ideal for placement on the bed or floor, the four-inch base is crafted with lush Velvish and high-density foam to provide impeccable stability, so you can achieve a variety of positions without sinking into soft or memory foam mattress or running the risk of rug burn from the floor.

The Liberator Center Stage is specially sized for straddling, creating elevation for deeper penetration, and it can be inconspicuously stored under the bed. For ease of use with massage oils and lubricants, the cover is removable and machine-washable. Tantalize your partner’s senses with full-body foreplay to create the most sensuous landscape for your lovemaking.

This set includes the Liberator Center Stage Positioning Bolster, ergonomically suited as a headrest, footrest, under knee or pelvic tilt during massage to enhance access your partner’s erogenous zones. The Bolster fits neatly beneath the hips during sex or erotic massage to allow deeper penetration and mind-blowing sensation, as well as reduce strain from the lower back area. Use it on the flat side for stability, or turn it over for a rocking motion that moves with you. When the fun is done, just slide your Liberator Center Stage under bed for easy storage.

The Liberator Center Stage Face Cradle, an off-the-bed addition, is available for purchase separately and includes an innovative mattress attachment to mirror the professional massage experience. Fitting between the mattress and box spring, the unique design allows the face to drop forward comfortably into the cushion, keeping the entire body straight and properly aligned for deep shoulder and neck massage.