Liberator sex mattress Stage

Liberator sex-mattress Stage is an ideal mattress to make love with passion. Because of its shape, you have a great opportunities to try out different sexpositions. Sex-mattress Stage can be combined with a sexpillow. You can make love on the floor or on the bed. Suitable for people with lower back pain. Due to the size you can lie down relaxed, yet spread your legs. With knees spread and situated on either side, Stage presents the bum in a way no man can ignore-spread beautifully wide open. Penetration is therefore easier so you can have sex without lower back pain.

- Microfibre cover, and feels like silk is washable.
- Stage is easy to store.
- 122 cm long, 23 cm high and 61 cm wide.
- Available in various colors.


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Liberator sex-mattress Stage - orthopedic and lower back pain approved