Liberator Sexpillow Wedge

Sexpillow Liberator Wedge is a comfortable support for having sex in more than one way. The angle, shape and material offers the possibility of sexual positions with deep penetration and enhanced G-spot stimulation. For those who like to enjoy sex in various ways Wedge offers great opportunities for anal-sex. For individual pleasure the Wedge is a perfect sexpillow. For the ladies it is a favorite sexpillow. The micro fiber cover can be washed. Discover many new sexual positions with this pillow.

  • Wedge is 36 cm long, 18 cm high and 60 cm wide
  • Available in various colors and shipped in box
  • Discrete worldwide shipping



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Sexposition pillow Liberator Wedge purple helps you explore new sexpositions. Get ready for our new lovestyle products and sextoys. 

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Liberator sexpilow Wedge specially-designed for deep penetration. Discover new possibilities in your sexlife and bring energy into your relationship. 

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Liberator sex-pillow - Wedge black. Discover new sex-positions with Eroticshop Liberatorshop products. Create your very own sex arena!

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Sexpillow Liberator Wedge offers a lot for sex.  The size of sexpillow Wedge is ideal to practice sexpositions. The Wedge has a handy format. Besides sex, you can use it as relaxing furniture.

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Sex position pillow Liberator Wedge Tan from Liberator are often called the connoisseur's serving spoon of choice. Sex position pillows offers a divine incline for deeper penetration, G-spot navigation and sexpositions. 

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