BDSM Bodybag

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BDSM Bodybag
BDSM Bodybag
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Bdsm bodybag is a bondage product for both beginners and bdsm professionals. We have featured our bdsm bodybag with two zippers and lacing. So you can reach the cock and balls during the bondage session. Our bodybag has internal sleeves which prevent escaping.

Benefits at a glance:
- High quality, clean, hygienic and easy
- resistant to light and many other outside influences
- With a practical 2-way zipper
- Lace to the "victim" to pack tightly
- Perfect for long-term Bondage (day and night)
- Various sizes available.

The material of our bodybag is fascinating. This is usually only used for wetsuits. It is synthetic and therefore easy to clean. Skin-friendly. Cheaper and more comfortable than leather and ideal for starters with bondage. 

Small:               waste 71-79 cm                        chest 91-99 cm             length 160 cm - 180 cm
Medium:           waste 80-89 cm                        chest 100-107 cm          length 160 cm - 180 cm
Large:              waste 90-101 cm                       chest 108-114 cm          length 180 cm - 195 cm
X-Large:           waste 102-112 cm                     chest 115-122 cm          length 180 cm - 195 cm

- Zipper and lace
- Discreet packaging
- Worldwide


bdsm bodybag

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