Vibrators Femblossom

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Vibrators Femblossom
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Anatomically shaped rechargeable vibrators to stimulate the vagina at its best. Ribbed design on the inside of this category vibrators increase the intimate pleasure during stimulation of the vagina and labia. Intensity and strength of the vibration you can simply activate by the touch controls to meet your needs. Powerful vibration is stronger than any other vibrator.

Femblossom has no less than nine orgasms inducing vibration settings. With the tip of the Femblossom you can stimulate specifically the clitoris, labia and the entrance to the vagina. The ultimate vibrator for external use!

Comes complete with
Manual + Tips

Tip: Use over-wetting gel to the stimulation more intense experience.

This product contains no latex, silicone or plasticizers.
100% skin friendly
Product is made from medical grade plastic
Innovation award finalist 2006 (Livewire Award)


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