Sexpositions and sexual positions

Sexpositions and sexual positions

For the best and most popular sex-positions you've come to the right address. Each of the sex-positions you have to trie at least once in your life. All sex-positions are possible with Liberator Sexfurniture. For sexpleasure, orgasms and the variety. Discover yourself which sex-position or sex-positions you like best. From experience we can tell you some sexual positions we describe are particularly popular. It does not mean that you have to practice all of them most. Some sexual positions are a delight to the eye, but intensely difficult, they will be practiced only rarely. Don't be disappointed here or stop. One position offers a better orgasm than others. Every beginning is difficult and the most satisfaction you get when you both get your orgasm together.

Have fun and enjoy! ;-)

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Sex in the sitting position must be the highest attainable. Otherwise, this position had not been on the No. 1 position. The reason is clear: Penetration is simple and the woman has also control over what happens. .. Read more...
Are you like a bit lazy and easy and do you prefer to sport in the gym rather than in bed, then you sure love sex lying on your side. This sexposition is not only useful but also very sensual, as much body contact as well as a spiritual closeness is created... Read more...
Backwarts is the perfect combination of rider position and sex from behind (doggystyle). But this is only one of the reasons why this sexposition so popular and is on the third place of the 10 best and most popular sexpositions. This sexposition has really only benefits... Read more...
Sex from behind is a modified form of the Doggy Style. For this sexposition it is good to first start doggystyle. The woman kneels in front of the man and the man penetrates from behind. This should of course be done cautiously and only if the woman is sufficiently moist... Read more...
In the sexposition "doggy style" the man kneels behind the woman. The woman on her turn bases her knees and elbows on the mattress or sexpillow. The man has a wonderful view of her back and bottoms. He has the possibility to massage her breasts and her bottoms... Read more...

Supposedly you can recognize the character of a woman by her favorite sexposition. If so, you can divide women into two groups. The group of women who love the drivers sexposition and the group of women who like this sexposition after they have had the possibility to practice it... Read more...

The sexposition "spooning" is one of the few sexpositions in which a man and woman experience total body contact during sex. This sexposition is really romantic and although it represents sex from behind this position is not at all offensive... Further reading... 
Although in this sexposition no direct penetration occurs it is still very popular and is practiced a lot. One of the big advantages is that you if you are guaranteed with a partner without infectious diseases, condoms are not needed with this sexposition because there is no risk to get pregnant. Sexposition 69 is in fact oral sex of the finest category... Read more...
The missionary sexposition is a classic among sexpositions. There is hardly anyone who has not tried this sexposition once in their sexlives. This sexposition is not particularly strenuous and also easy for less sporty people. However, this sexposition is almost the... Further reading...
The last position in our Top 10 list of most beautiful and pleasant sexpositions is sex while standing. That does not mean that this sexposition is not good or fun. Ultimately, there are many other sexpositions which did not make it into the Top 10.  However, it must be said that sex while standing... Further reading...

Week 1 sexposition Champaigne Kisses. Just set sexpillow Scoop in the middle of the bed. He lies back First and then she crawls on top. She straddles his chest and hovers her “fanny” over his face until settling into a comfortable sixty-nine. She pleasures him ’til his cork pops. He rocks her "fanny" very gently in this sexual position as he samples her leisurely like a fine Moet. It’s a brand new year for love and the most popular New Year’s resolution: Eat better. Here’s a toast to starting sexy habits with this fine Sex-position. Once you"ve tried this sexual positon you will get to love it forever!

In this sex-position she kneels before sex-pillow Cube, her elbows rest on the top. He presses her against the front of the sex-pillow and slides in from behind for a little boom-boom-boom.

Just stack the Ramp on the Scoop. She lies down on the Ramp in this sexposition. He squats between her thighs and thrusts upward while rocking forward. This is a G-spot-on entry.

On the Ramp many sexpositions are possible because of its two angles. Find your comfort zone to satisfy her at your best in the Doggy Style. She lies down on her belly on the Ramp. He penetrates her from behind in this sex-position.

For this and other Sexual positions the Scoop is stabilized with a Wedge. She kneels in the middle, rump raised, leaning her body towards the Wedge. In this position she is perfectly positioned for doggie style love. He rocks her with his erection.

In this sexposition he has one Wedge propped beneath his head and one sexpillow wedge under his thighs, so his knees can spread comfortably. She climbs on top. (Ladies, don’t really climb. You might hurt him.)

In this sexposition she lies down on the Wedge with her pelvis and places her feet in front of his shoulders. He bends over her, pressing her knees to his shoulders, then plunges in daringly deep.

In this sensual position she kneels behind the Ramp and rests with her elbows on sexual pillow Wedge. Drawing one knee up, she twists around to greet him with a kiss, with passion. He can pleasure her vagina until she is ready for making love.

For this and more sensual positions you need a Wedge, Ramp and Stage. Place the Ramp and Wedge on opposite ends of the Stage, pointing in. He sits in the fertile valley while she straddles and rides in this sensual position.

For this intimate sex-position you use a Cube and Wedge. He sits down on the Cube, which is pushed up against the bed. He lies back with the Wedge supporting his head.

For this and several other intimate sex-positions a Stage and Black Label Ramp come in handy. She straps him down on the Ramp with his bottom up, way up. She kneels down on the Stage behind him.

The Esse is ideally suited for this Kamasutra position. She lies down in the curve on her back and pulls her legs. He will sit on her ass and penetrates her with his semi-erection. This is not a simple Kamasutra position. Be especially careful if you do this for the first time. It depents on both your skills. Because of the concentration required during sex you will enjoy cuming with screaming!

In this sexposition she drapes herself over the Liberator Ramp and presses her knees open. He surveys the spread with two fingers til she’s silky, then whips out her favorite sex-toy. He satisfies her with her favourite sex-toy. Not every position sexposition is designed for penis penetration. Maybe she likes to get warmed up for sex with a little vibrator or dildo action.

In this sex-technique you put the Scoop with the flat side down. He approaches her from behind for doggy style sex. Thanks to the Scoop this is a simple sex-technique to practice. She can brace herself on the bed as he turns up the intensity of the thrusting. His knees never sink in the mattress and he has enough lift and opportunities to thrust. The nice thing about this sex-technique is the fact that he brings his legs around her so the penetration is more intense. He can also better reach her g-spot.

For this sextechnique you use the Wedge Ramp combo. In this sextechnique he works his way up with his lips along her feminine forms without a disability. Now you can experience oral-sex in a different way. She now lies at a comfortable hight for him to see how see enjoys the experience or oral-sex and an orgasm. The Ramp tilts her hips, opening her labia and her clitoris welcomes his mouth. She gets thorough oral-sex without his him getting a sore head and neck. Sex and disability is history with Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear.

For this sexposition spoons position you use the Stage and the Zeppelin Rest. He lies behind her with his arm under her neck. She lies on her side and welcomes him in this sexual position. Spoons position is also names position 44. When he cannot penetrate deep enough the partner slowly bends forward. If you have progressed in spoons position she can also pull up the outer leg and place her foot on his leg. She can now massage his balls delicious. For a long time spoons position was incorrectly labeled as boring. This sexual position offers a great opportunity for anal-sex. Many couples do or try anal-sex doggy-style. Anal-sex at doggy-style is actually not a good position if you are a starter because the anus is less relaxed in this position. On the Liberator Stage the spoons position is perfect for both vaginal as anal-sex.

For this Kama Sutra game sex-furniture Esse is elevated nine centimeters with sex-furniture Esse Stage. She orders him to lie on his back, he surrenders. She takes him to his sexual climax with only her mouth, hands and feminine lists. Because of sex-furniture Esse he lies with his legs spread like a buffet for her party. Oral sex is simple and from every conceivable angle posible. They can experiment, discover and explore all possibilities. He lies high enough for her to give him a blowjob, rimjob, massage or stimulation until he reached an orgasm ... then she stops. And starts over again. Each time she brings him closer to his climax until he finally ... Ahhhh orgasms.

Lay your lover on Sex cushions Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo and lift her long legs up onto your shoulders. Kneeling in front of her, create a cradle with your body on hers, pressing in til your tongues (and private parts) touch. Her vagina will be perfectly poised for penetration. She lies down comfortable and tilted back for deliciously deep penetration. Legs pressed into her chest, her abdomen will be compressed, making you feel bigger inside her. She will feel tighter than a kung-fu grip.

Lie back on Liberator Ramp, let your baby climb on board and enjoy the ride. What is hotter than a sexposition with a woman who can work your stick shift? Enjoy the sexride on the Liberator Ramp. Hands free to touch, twist, probe, pinch and squeeze whatever fun parts they encounter. Ladies love the driver’s seat. From on top, she can pick the pace that wins her race in this sexposition. The deep slope gives your hips great G-Spot navigation, and girl-on-top means more depth. To shift gears, grab her hot little heinie and guide her hips for speed control.

Put two Liberator Scoop on the bed or floor. For wild sex and action. (Do not worry, the Microfibre covers wil lock the cushions Scoop like Yin and Yang.) Put your partner face down gently on the soft curve and take her Doggy Style. Because two Scoop are better than one. It is also nice for your partner for wild sex and action to get sex from behind. Because she lies bent over on the cushions you can swing around and deliver your partner an orgasm.

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1 - 30 of 37 results