Bondage SM and BDSM furniture and toys


Our online bondage-sm collection comprises a wide range bondage-furniture and bdsm-toys. Our speciality is furniture so for bondage-furniture youre at the right spot. To satisfy your interest in bondage, sm, bdsm or role-play we have a variety of bdsm-furniture in our online sexshop. Our collection consists of bdsm furnitur, bondage-toys such as weights, clamps, masks and handcuffs. For steel fans we also have clinic sextoys.

A bondage-furniture collection unique for the Netherlands, a modular bondage-sm furniture with fantastic design. Base plate can be expanded with modules for maximum bondage, sm or bondage-sm fun. Let yourself tie and have maximum fun.

We have tried the best to select the best and most beautiful products for you. Many are exclusive and handmade.


Bondage furniture steel and wood for bdsm

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Deluxe bondage bodybag made of latex. More you cannot wish for. This is excellent bodybag is finished and made from the finest latex. With many eyelets to lace even tighter and a practical zipper to unfold the best part for manipulation. For rubber fetish lovers, the body bag stays closed. Ideal for long-term bondage.

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