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SixtyNine bv is wholesaler and Distribuentin of Liberator products. In addition, we sell toys, latex lingerie, boudoir and personal care products. For questions, comments, suggestions or appointments, you can email:

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All payments have to be done in advance. The delivery of the goods will only take place after payment. The shipping costs are country-specific and dependent on size and weight.

Please note that for shipments outside the European Union (EU) may incur additional customs charges. Please inquire in advance with their local customs office.

Please make your deposit within one week after ordering to the following account and please do not forget your ordernumber: 

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Bank                  ABN-AMRO BANK (Hoorn)
IBAN                  NL98 ABNA 0568 6115 35

BIC                    ABNANL2A

On Us

Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear is a love-style brand that exists in a space where the act of love meets art & invention. Not prurient enough to be an "adult" product, yet too sexy to be considered mainstream, we imagined up the love-style category to define ourselves in a marketplace that hadn't seen anything like us before.

Over three uncommonly successful years, we evolved into a community of nearly two hundred people that create, develop, make, market, advertise, promote and re-invent items and ideas that allow couples to have a fuller experience of themselves and each other.

And How
Our company was founded by two women and their husbands who had, from personal experience, understood that monogamy without new things to explore and fresh sexual perspective can be excruciatingly boring. Inspired by a magazine article that extolled the endless benefits of pillows during lovemaking, the four of them set out on a research and development odyssey that resulted in great new angles on sex and our first product line, Liberator.

Up & Coming

Our gear transforms ordinary beds and bedrooms into creative sex terrain by employing angles, elevations, curves, textures, environments and motion. We also help people of all sizes and shapes, even those with back injuries and other medical conditions, find comfortable ways to connect.

Simply put: We're not in the sex business, we're in ...


Create you own lovestyle !

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